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Marie Bean is a Fitness Consultant and a Running Trainer.  She has a Diploma in Remedial Massage, with a special interest in Sports Massage. She has a background of 20 years nursing and has worked as a Trainer and Remedial Sports Masseuse  in AFL Football Clubs. She has a Certificate IV in personal training and has worked in gyms and sporting clubs. 

However, more importantly, she is a Runner and loves it. She has completed Ultra Trail Marathons, over 20 marathons (on 6 continents), numerous half marathons and 10km events. Marie runs for fitness, fun and enjoys the personal challenges being a runner can provide.

Marie has followed several different running programs over her thirty years of running. In 2006 she designed her own personal program to prepare for the Gold Coast marathon, at 44, she ran her best time, had an injury, stress free build up and her recovery was perfect.

Lazy Runner was born out of that event. Marie proved you don’t need to run daily, you don’t need to run over 70 km a week, and you certainly don’t need to feel fatigued to the point of exhaustion to be able to run a marathon.

Marie started her first Lazy Runner club in Noosa Heads, QLD 12 years ago, there are now several Lazy Runner clubs across Australia. Marie also offers online coaching for all levels of runners, and she has coached runners from all over the world; from people who have never run a step to the ultimate-coaching runners to run a marathon, and everything in between!

Marie's latest challenge involves running a marathon on each
continent, she completed her Sixth in North America, by running the fabulous Las Vegas Rock N Roll marathon....all that is left for her is the biggie...Antarctica

However, Marie's biggest claim to fame is that in 30 years of running she has never had an injury- not one. That's right she has run ultra marathons, marathons not to mention the thousands of training kilometres and not one injury in all that time!...She put's that down to her being the original Lazy Runner! She runs for fun and fitness- pain and injury do not fit into her running equation.

Marie believes everyone can run and every runner can run a marathon, all it takes is a good program and proper training.

Marie’s focus for Lazy Runner is a safe running program, improved fitness levels no matter what program or event you train for, and FUN, FUN, FUN

In 2013 Marie penned the Lazy Runner Handbook, it's a book all about running the Lazy Way! The book was launched in 2013 . To Promote the book Marie went on a national book tour which includes running workshops all across Australia. She then had offers to take the book and workshops to the UK, which she did in June 2103 for two months. Whilst there she wrote her second book- Lazy Loser, which was published in September 2013.

Since then Marie has toured Australia, NZ, UK and USA with her book talks and running workshops/bootcamps.

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