Lazy Runner Aquaskins

  The great new way to carry water,
Lazy Runner Aquaskins
$12 each


The Great New Way to Drink and Run!

What is so good about Lazy Runner Aquaskins?

BPA Free

BPA stands for bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical that has been used in the making of plastics since the 1960s. BPA is a harmful compound found in some reuseable plastic bottles and has been declared a toxic substance in some countries as it has been linked to diseases of the endocrine and reproductive systems.

Lazy Runners run to stay fit and healthy we don’t want jeopardise to all our good work by drinking out of toxic water bottles!


I run through many national parks, on beaches and other stunning locations and get so frustrated when I see plastic bottles and cups littering those beautiful areas. Like all runners I am conscious of keeping those natural areas and their inhabitants safe for a long time to come. You can take Lazy Runner Aquaksins with you on your run, drink all your water and easily fold up your aqua skin put it in your pocket and take it home and use if for you next run. Lazy Runner only leaves safe footprints, we take our carbon ones home with us!!

Attachable and Foldable

Lazy Runner aquaskins come with a clip that will attach to a belt, waistband or pocket. I am always telling Lazy  Runners to run hands-free! Even carrying car keys can throw out your posture and also become irritating. Carrying a  standard round drink bottle is a pain, and puts undue pressure on the side you are carrying it on.

Aquaskins are easier to grip and carry and once empty can clip on or be folded up and put in your pocket.


I like my water cold, and its great to know that Lazy Runner Aquaskins are safe to put in the freezer, they also double as an icepack if needed!


We all love things that will go in the dishwasher and come out clean and not smelly! Just remove the top and clip and the Lazy Runner Aquaskins can be washed over and over.

Great for Running Events

Many off road or cross country events will not let runners enter or start if they are not in possession of a drink bottle.
The Lazy Runner Aquaskin is perfect 




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