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I love running in Asia, the people are wonderful and the events are usually very well organised. Most of the running events are non profit, so they give so much back in food, gifts and prize money. I have ran the Bangkok Marathon twice, it starts at 3am so beats alot of the heat. I have run the Penang Half marathon twice, it also starts in the middle of the night and runs across the huge Penang bridge, which is 13kms long! I have also run in Bali and Singapore.

The problem for westerners running in Asia is dealing with the humidity, however, due to their early start times, I didnt find that too much of a problem.
My bucket list for more Asian races for me would have to be the Great Wall Marathon of course, an iconic world running event, and the Foulees de la Soie in Bejing, a staged race, sounds like a great running holiday.

Xiamen International Marathon
, China *Marathon
This is one of China's top marathons, it is a fast, flat course run along the shores of the Taiwan Strait. There is also a half marathon, 10km and 5km events

Cebu marathon, Cebu City, Philippines *Marathon

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, India *Marathon
India's largest marathon

China Coast Marathon, Hong Kong *Marathon

Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon  *Marathon

Khon Kean, Thailand  *Marathon

Osaka International Ladies Marathon, Japan *Marathon
This is one of the top women's marathons in the world

Hong Kong Island Mountain Marathon, Hong Kong *Marathon

Big Wave Trail Hong Kong
This 32km event takes in part of the 50km Hong Kong Trail. There are eight stages and the views of the South China sea are stunning

Lantau Mountain Marathon- Hong Kong
This is a part of a four series of mountain marathons in Hong Kong. Lantua is Hong Kong's largest island and this event is the most challenging of the four. Although titled marathon, the distance is 29.8km

Hong Kong 100
This is a demanding 100km race taking runners to the highest peak in Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan.

Hakone Ekiden- Tokyo
This is a University race, made up of teams of ten running 220km over 10 stages. Only one member of the team can be a non student

Standard Chartered Marathon Hong Kong
This is one of the world's biggest marathons, attracting over 60,000 entrants. There is a half marathon and a 10km as well. The course is challeging due to the humidity, it runs through the heart of Hong Kong city and crosses the Tsing ma Bridge

Tai Po Mountain Marathon,
 Hong Kong *Marathon

Tokyo Marathon Japan-*Marathon
This popular marathon is run around the streets of Tokyo taking in many tourist sites, it attracts over 30,000 competitors

NTUC Healthcare U Run- Singapore
10km, 5km

The Ohme Road Race
This is one of Japan's most popular road races, it starts in Ohme, just outside of Tokyo, and is a distance of 30km out and back

1st International Thailand Half Marathon- Bangkok
This 21.1km starts and ends at the Rama 8 Bridge


Nagoya International Womens Marathon
, Japan

Seoul International Marathon, Korea  *Marathon

Bareno Run- Singapore
Half Marathon, 10km, 5km

Venus Run-Singapore
Women Only

Twilight Ultra Challenge- Singapore *Ultra

Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon- Japan *Marathon
This is a marathon for elite male runners, to qualify you need a time of under 2:30 in a previous marathon! It is a very popular qualifying event for the Olympics and World Championship races.

Nagano Marathon
, Japan *Marathon

2XU Compression Run-Singapore

Run 350- Singapore

Salomon Tiong Barhu Adventure Run- Singapore-10km

Energizer Singapore Night Trail-Singapore
Larong Asrama Trails, Mandai- 7am to Midnight
12km 16km

The North Face 100- Philippines *Ultra
There are many courses ranging from 11km up to the 100km, mostly trail and and dirt roads with some mean climbs

Hungduan National Climbathon- Philippines
This is a tough race across Mount Napulauan, running through rice patties and forests and climbing to 2,642 metres, and covering 21km

Sakura Michi Nature Run- Japan
This 250km run crosses from the pacific Ocean and finishes on the Japan Sea. It only attracts 100 entrants with 80% or them finishing

Action Asia 3 Day Ultra *Ultra
This unusual event is in different locations in Asia each year, the 100km is split over three locations and three days. It is run on hiking trails and gives a great glimpse of the varying Asian Countryside

The Great Wall Marathon
, China *Marathon
Known to be one of the top five marathons in the world, running this marathon includes the 5164 steps of the Great Wall and stunning scenery

Adidas Sundown Marathon
- Singapore *Marathon
This is a night time marathon that starts at 10pm, which offers a different perspective and a great chance to run in Singapore at night, there is also a Half Marathon and a 10km

Menara Tower- Night Towerthon- Kuala Lumpar
This is a stair race that starts at 8pm and climbs over 2000 stairs to the viewing deck at 382metres

100 Plus Passion Run- 21st May
25km, 12km, 5km

The North Face 100- China *Ultra
This ultra starts at the Great Wall and covers trails, creeks, roads and forests. There is also a 10km event and a 50km

World 10km Bangalore- India
This is an elite 10k race through the streets of the city, flat and fast.

Phuket International Marathon
, Thailand *Marathon
Set in Thailand's most iconic tourist destination, the Phuket marathon is only in it's 5th year but extremely popular with international runners, due to it's beautiful, laid back holiday location

Metta Charity Run Singapore
5km, 10km, Angsana Green

National Vertical Marathon- Singapore
One Raffles Place- highest building in Singapore

The Gobi March- China
This 250km, 6 stage race travels through the Gobi Desert. The first four stages are from 30-40km with stage five being the toughest, 80km

Gobi March (China)
,  155 miles / 250km  Gobi Desert, China *Ultra

The Great Tibetan Marathon
, India *Marathon

Ibusiki marathons, Japan *Marathon

Great Eastern Womens 10km- Singapore
10km, 5km

Race Against Cancer- Singapore

Jurong Lake Run -Singapore
10km and 5km

Marina 21.1km- Singapore
Half Marathon and 10km

Fuji Mountain Race- Japan
This is a 21km run to the summit of the famous Volcanic Peak, which also happens to be Japan's highest Mountain. It is a tough race but very popular world wide

Adidas King Of The Road- Singapore

Foulees de la Soie- Yinchuan-Bejing
This is an eight stage run with distances from 10-21km, covering 200km in total. The stages are run in the mornings, leaving the afternoons free for visiting the villages and learning about the culture of the area. This is an amazing event with a real highlight at the end, on the final day runners get to run on the Great Wall

Mount Ontake Sky Race- Japan, Nagano
This race covers 37km with a 2,400 metre ascent, starting in the village of Otaki and climbing the Mount Ontake Volcano, where runners do a loop of of the volcanic crater.

The High- India and China *Ultra
This amazing race crosses between India and China , taking runners over two of the seven highest passes in the world, it covers 222km with an ascent of 3,107 metres

Safra Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon- Singapore
21km, 10km and 5km

Mega Tri Singapore
Event nature: Middle and long distance triathlon
Venue: East Coast Park, Changi Coast Road

Shinetsu Five Mountain Trail- Japan *Ultra
This is an 110km race that covers five mountains in the Shinetsu Wilderness area.

Mount Adatara Trail Race -Japan *Ultra
This is a tough 53km trail run taking in 5 ascents


Beijing International Marathon, China *Marathon
First held in 1981, it has since become one of China’s most famous international races, notably for its start at traditional Tiananmen Square.

Chuncheon Marathon, South Korea *Marathon
This is a flat course starting in the city centre and following the waterfront

Delhi Half Marahon- India
This is an elite half marathon on a fast, flat course

Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon- Malaysia, Borneo
It calls itself the toughest mountain race, the ascents are high, even involves ladder climbing and the descents can be treacherous, the high altitudes can cause problems as well. The distance covered is 21km

Sedan Chair Race- Hong Kong
This race is only 2.1km, but that is long enough when you have to carry a chair with a passenger in it! Teams of 8, plus the passenger participate for charity, and its lots of fun.

Indo Ultra- Bali
This is a 209 km stage race through jungles, beaches and volcanos. There are 6 stages and runners camp between each stage.

 Marathon, Malaysia *Marathon

Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon Thailand *Marathon
I love this marathon, so much so, I did it twice, once in 2007, and then went back in 2008 and ran it on my 46th read about my second continent..Click Here..
Road to Bangkok

Pune International Marathon *Marathon

Chiba Ekiden Relays- Japan
This is a six leg relay race covering the marathon distance of 42.2km

Everest Marathon *Marathon
Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, the marathon here takes place in the shadow of the peak in the Himalayan ranges between the mountain kingdoms of Nepal and Tibet. It covers the 42.2km with an ascent of 400 metres and a total descent of 3,695metres

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

Angkor Wat Half Marathon-Cambodia
This stunning half marathon runs through Angkor Wat's iconic temples, there are also 10km and 3km events

Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon, *Marathon

Runningandliving Gurgaon Marathon, India- *Marathon

Taipai Marathon, China *Marathon

Fukuoka Marathon- Japan *Marathon
This is an elite male marathon for only the fastest men in the world

Chiang Mai Marathon , Thailand 25th Dec *Marathon

Naha Marathon- Japan *Marathon

Everest Marathon- Nepal *Marathon
As the name suggests, this marathon is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced. Before the race commences, runners have to do a 15 day trek to the start point! The run is mostly down hill, starting from 5,184metres and ending at 3,446 metres. Tempretures start at below freezing and the conditions are pretty tough.

Disclaimer: Whilst all due care is taken when listing the many races on these calendars, to be accurate and correct with dates and links, some errors may occur on research or connecting to race websites. Please always check the race events website or contact details to get more relevant and up to date details on the races listed here. Lazy Runner would be happy for any errors to be reported via the contact form  



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