Brrr Marathon cont


 Frozen Ponds

The English Leg

After Italy the gang split two sons and two of their mates went to Scotland, to see the new year in at the Hogmany Festival and David, his two sons, my two daughters and I headed for England. We stayed at David's parents house in the English countryside, at a village called Mellor just outside of Manchester. David's family home is set high atop a hill with stunning views of the English countryside, and next door is a church and graveyard. The church came in handy for me, because I went on a long run and got lost, if it wasn't for the church bell ringing, I would never have found my way home in the fog! Once again the weather hovered at -5 degrees, with even the English saying how cold it was. My run  around Mellor was very enjoyable, I ran through country lanes up hill and down dale, the only problem was what I have now labeled treadmillling. Treadmilling happens when there is so much ice on the paths  and roads, that if you happen to get onto a section you tend to run on the same spot for a while, however, it is far more dangerous then a treadmill as you don't have handles and there is a huge slip factor. I must of looked very funny every few hundred metres with my arms and legs going windmill style and me not getting anywhere.

From Mellor my girls and I hitched a ride on a Virgin Train up to London. We were very excited about this leg of the journey and London did not disappoint, I loved it..I could see a Lazy Runner group going very well in this city. We stayed in Convent Garden, a great location close to many major landmarks. I only had one opportunity to run in London, so I had to make the most of it. So trusty map in hand, and rugged up as much as possible I hit the streets of old London Town. I tried to get in as many landmarks as I could in one run, so straight to the Palace, where the guards were not moving, but they still looked warmer than me, past Princess Diana's gardens, past Downing Street, then to the edge of Hyde Park, back to Big Ben (and by the way he ain't that big) and the houses of Parliament, marvelled at the London Eye, across Westminister Bridge and the Thames, down to Westminister Cathedral, around to St Pauls (and by the way, he is huge), over London Bridge, past the Tower of London and back to the was an eye popping experience.  Read On....




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