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In March I was a (52 year old) kid with a dream - to run my first marathon, the Berlin Marathon. In September 2016, I ran through the Brandenburg Gate across the finish line. It was a great feeling. Not only was there the sheer relief of being able to stop running, but there was a feeling of accomplishment that, frankly, was unique for me. I doubt that I would have run the distance without the magnificent Lazy Runner online coaching program of Marie Bean. I had read the book and done a couple of workshops, but I was caught by surprise by Marie's ability to impart so much personalised technical and motivational information in her weekly emails. Above all else, she made training "fun". I will be forever grateful.
Martin. Berlin Marathon (Perth)

I met Marie Bean at a Lazy Runner Bootcamp held in Brisbane last September.  The LR Bootcamp session was very informative and  covered just about everything, including running pace, technique, stretching, recovery and maintenance.  She is an inspiring and entertaining speaker with a down to earth approach and attitude.  I got so much out of the LR Bootcamp and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about their running. The price is very reasonable as well!  On the day, I bought one of her books “Lazy Runner”.  It is a great read!
Over the last 4 years, I have run a few Half Marathons and a couple of Full Marathons and after the Gold Coast Marathon last year, I decided that I needed to set a new goal so I started to think about training for an Ultra Marathon.  A couple of friends that I did the LR Bootcamp with had used the LR On-Line Coaching for the K2D event in December and they were really pleased with their results.  I decided to give the LR On-Line Coaching a go myself and wow did it really surprise me.  You see I had trained for two marathons covering a lot more km’s.   I found it really hard to alter my mindset about this as the weekly mileage was a lot less than what I was used to with my marathon training.  I had mentioned this to Marie on more than one occasion and she assured me that I didn’t need to do anymore training than what was on the program that she had given me.  I listened to her and trusted her advice because after all she has the knowledge and experience and is herself an Ultra Runner.
Marie coached me for my 50km Ultra and kept me on the straight and narrow and propped me up at times when for some reason, it all seemed too hard.  She got me to the start line injury free and made me believe that I could do it!  She is an absolute legend and she is my inspiration!
Jenny, Brisbane, Ultra Marathon Program
I wanted to write and say a HUGE thank you for the recent Motatapu weekend and, of course, for all the training and encouragement you gave to me leading up to the race.  What a fantastic event it was!  I never thought I could become a “runner”.  Having a husband who has been so into running for so many years, I only ever imagined I would be on the support side of the fence.  It was such a thrill to jump the fence - and come running through my own finish line!  Your 10 week online training program was such a great start for me.  I didn’t believe I could run 5km … let alone 10km or 15km. There’s nothing like being accountable to someone to get you motivated! Each week I’d read your emails and know that I had to get out there and just do it!  I also really appreciated all the extra information and advice you gave to me during that program.

Finally, the weekend in Queenstown was fantastically well organised and so much fun!  We had such a good time with all the Lazy Runner crew, and you did a brilliant job of keeping us feed, housed, in the right place at the right time and motivated.  Thank you again for helping me achieve a goal I never thought possible.
Emma, Beginners Program and Motatapu Tour 
I really can't thank you enough for what you done in the last twenty sessions. If you had of told on the 2nd of June that I would run under 24mins in the Parkrun I would have gone 'Oh great ripped off in an internet scam'. It really is nothing short of amazing. I have done something I never thought possible. Sport for me when I was at school equaled  humiliation. I did everything possible to avoid it because I was so terrible at it. Hindsight is wonderful but I think if someone like you had had said 'Hey mate not everyone is a natural runner but I can teach you how'. I may have developed a life long running habit. It is probably a bit hard for you to fathom how great I feel about being able to run as you've done it for a long time. Even though I have run twelve k's and don't shame myself at Parkrun that first 5k's I ran without stopping was a really sweet moment in my life.
Running is funny thing. It changes how you think about things. You start to see almost anything is possible with the right tools and training.
Sorry for sounding like a sentimental dickhead but learning to run has been an amazing experience. 
Thank you again
Rex, Stanthorpe- Beginners Program
"To begin with, let me give you a brief background of how lazy a runner I was! To my surprise I used to play Hockey back in school (and was the Captain of my team!), but I never really liked running/jogging. Which is very strange because of course the sport requires a lot of running. But don't let me confuse you, I didn't mind running/chasing the ball. What I always disliked was the "aimless" (or as I liked to call it) running/jogging. I used to get very bored doing just that. So, I hated warm up sessions and never did any sort of running ever after i left school. which is almost 10 years now! 
But one fine day as I was flipping through a health magazine I saw an article on "Best $100 people have spent on" and there it was - "Lazy runner" I decided to give it a try and to this day I don't regret my decision. On the contrary I do agree that was best $100 I have spent on myself!! For, I am transformed for life. I no longer hate "aimless" running/jogging. I actually look forward to my sessions as the kind of rush it gives you is extraordinary! To say the least, I wouldn't have been able to do this without a person like Marie. She is extremely patient and supportive. Also, very prompt in responding to emails - which was one of my apprehensions of online training. To be honest, it feels more personal than "personal training"! 
Why you should sign up now? - To do yourself a favor and not devoid yourself of this feeling of conquering the fear/apprehension towards running. Trust me, you will thank yourself one day! I sure do! 
Thanks once again Marie!!
Renuka, NSW, Learn to Run Program

"Where do I begin, I only ever ran half marathon distance (On the road) prior to finding Lazy Runner.  I honestly couldn't really think why I would want to run a 'Road' event again and didn't know where to start with 'Trail' running and the long shot of marathon distance.  I dabbled using an online coach briefly & it was basically a case of here is your program & Ill just not contact you at all again!  
So...I contacted Marie and straight away she basically gave me all the reasons why I certainly 'Could' do a trail event and got me really excited with the prospect of such an achievement - not to mention all the amazing achievements Marie herself has accomplished.   
So that was about 7 months ago,  Since then every single week has been tailored to my goals, if I ever had a question I bugged Marie and she never hesitated for a moment to help me. I have had a mixture of speed training, hill training (trails) and my long runs progressively worked up to a distance I could never of dreamed of doing without Marie pushing & cheering me the whole way (This lady gets in your head & ends up like an old friend you have known for ages, but at the same time is honest & keeps you working). 
It hasn't been all smooth sailing for me physically, with ITB, Glute & Psoas problems constantly managed during my  training, but never stopped me do to the specific training set out for me that would allow me to progress whilst at the same time not put too much strain on my body. I also brought the Lazy Runner book & devoured that in a couple of days, with so many things I could relate to in the book & learn as well.  
I did a half marathon at Kilcunda to test me out on the trail and it proved to be quite a tough run but I definitely believe in Marie's advise to do an event every now and then leading up to your main goal, it keeps you honest & helps iron out any problems.  Okay so then came the big one I signed up for...Mt Buller 45km Skyrun and boy did I have my doubts in the months leading up to this run, but Marie continued to be the most encouraging mentor & coach, never once suggesting I should pull out or re-think the event choice given my body issues - it was my goal (our goal :)) and we were sticking to it!! 
The week leading up to the event was my worst (body wise) and I think I emailed Marie nearly every day with my scared thoughts & doubts, she kept me going - she focused on what I could control which was nutrition, hydration, rest & mindset. 
The day came and my body still was not in the mood for running this event - but I tell you what was ready, my mind!! Marie had helped me believe in myself so much,  that I was getting myself pumped up & ready to smash this thing. I finished the event, 2080metres elevation gain with a glute that didn't work properly, 45km in 6:62!! The toughest thing I have ever done and Lazy Runner (Marie) got me through it!  I literally will never train for an event without Lazy runner now full stop.  I don't need to recommend Lazy Runner, the program & results speak for what are you waiting for? Set your goal & smash them in the face with Lazy Runner!"
Thanks Marie 
Mez-Victoria- Trained with Lazy Runner for Mount Buller 45km Skyrun

I had always like running but never really got into going any sort of distance for whatever reasons, but at the beginning of 2012 I started walking and got bored and thought, hey, why not run a little bit and slowly there became more running and less walking.
I started off with small events like the 5km Mothers Day Classic then 10km Canberra Times, numerous half marathons and finally committed to my first marathon in 2013 in Melbourne.
I fuddled my way through the training on my own drawing from a lot of different things online and got to the start line fairly tired and sore but still completed it in just under my goal time of 4:30 with an actual time of 4:29.
Basically the same thing happened with the next one at Canberra in 2014 only this time the soreness was an actual injury - I was in denial.  I still lined up at the start line with a variety of Rock Tape patterned all over my left hip, my right knee and my butt, yep I also had runners bum.
Somehow I still ran a PB of 4:25:55 but took the next 8 weeks to recover.
I had met Marie at the town Library for the launch of her new book the Lazy Loser and purchased a copy of The Lazy Runner the same day.
While I flipped through the book and used it to refer to I didn’t think too much more about it until I decided to sign up for my third Marathon at Orange.  Having ran the half marathon twice I was familiar with part of the course and decided I was going to do this one the right way, so I enlisted Marie as my online coach and wow! Having someone to be accountable to and report back to worked wonders, especially having the program designed specifically to my needs.
At the dinner the night before the event, I was randomly placed on the same table as the man who created/designed the course and he asked what time I had in mind.  He said “I don’t want to burst any hopes you might have but I designed the course and it’s not really a course to be looking to take a PB from”. 
Well... don’t tell me I can’t, because I CAN and I did - I can’t wait to run into him again and tell him so either!
I arrived at the start of my third marathon fit, healthy, injury free and raring to go.
All went pretty well soaking up the fun, chatting to others as I went along my merry way (apart from the strong headwind, heat and hills after the turnaround) to run my third marathon in 4:14:08... a PB of over 11 minutes!
I am also happy to report that I did not have the usual marathoners waddle afterwards, not even the next day! 
My next big thing is the Canberra Ultra in April which will be followed by The North Face 50 and I am happy to say that I have already enlisted The Lazy Runner to continue my training!
Tania- Coached to run a PB at the Orange Marathon

I dabbled in running on & off for 10 years, never further than 5kms until 2011 when I took up the challenge to run 10km using an online coaching program.  I progressed to the half marathon distance in October 2013, coaching myself & ended up with horrid ITB pain.  I did a deal with myself, that if I could do another half without the ITB pain I would commit to a full marathon.

As that second half marathon loomed I realized coaching assistance was needed, if I was going to commit to 42.2kms.  I wanted a more hands on approach this time & began looking for running coaches in my home town of Melbourne.  I stumbled across Marie Bean @ Lazy Runner & after reading her “bad self talk - good self talk” article I realised that “Dazza” in the article, was me. 

Marie was already inside my head!!!!  She already knew all my fears & concerns!!!!  I knew she was the coach for me, despite being based on the Sunshine Coast.  A few emails later, I signed up for the full marathon & engaged Marie coach me.  The training schedule was easy to follow & weekly emails were more than enough contact for me to feel comfortable. 

I completed my first Marathon (Melbourne October 2014) running the whole way (1st goal), without injury (2nd goal) & sub 4 hours (3rd goal). 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marie to coach anyone at any distance.  Providing you commit to your training program, with Marie’s help, you will smash your goals.  Thanks Marie!!!!

Cat McRae –  Marathon Runner!

I saw the Lazy Runner Workshop advertised and it immediately attracted my interest, as I was working towards a half marathon.  I quickly booked into the workshop and learnt a lot from the session and Marie’s Lazy Runner book during the following days. I used Marie’s book to modify my half marathon training to better prepare for the event.
After completing the half marathon, I approached Marie about online coaching for a full marathon.  Marie’s emails were very informative and I always found her to be supportive and encouraging.  With the tailored
sessions each week, I quickly improved my cardio fitness and speed and slowly built up the distance in my legs while avoiding injury. 
I completed my first ever fun run (4km) in October 2012.  With Marie’s
help, 11 months later I completed the Sydney Marathon in September in 3:27:09.
John, Sydney.
I’d been competing in fun runs on and off for 16 years, having done many different distances including three Half Marathons. I’d always trained myself, relying on information I’d picked up along the way. Sometimes I went well, sometimes I got sick and didn’t make the race, probably by over doing it. This year I decided to do the big one, a Marathon. Super scared, I was searching for training programs online and found Marie’s LR’s Site. The absolute best decision I’ve ever made was to get online coaching from Marie. From day one I felt like I was on the right path. Marie guided me through months of training. She pushed me harder than I have ever pushed myself, varied my training in ways I didn’t even know existed, took into account my weekly results and tailored a plan for me. Marie was always there to answer my questions and she even answered the questions I hadn’t thought of yet. Her wealth of knowledge and experience are astounding. Thanks to Marie and her online program, “I am a Marathon Runner”. At age 42, I completed the Blackmores Sydney Marathon 2013. I can honestly say, “I enjoyed myself”! I soaked up the atmosphere the beautiful surrounds and ran and ran and ran, drawing on Marie’s inspirational quotes throughout the race. As a fun runner it was the best experience of my life. I am happy, I am on an emotional high and I am so proud of myself. The training Marie gave me undoubtedly brought the best out in me, without sacrificing my health through overtraining. It’s the day after my first Marathon and I have already asked Marie about what I need to do for my next one, now that I have a special time in mind. Bring it on! Thanks Marie, for everything. Kaye, Riverstone NSW

I started to say out loud in December 2012 that I wanted to run a Marathon. Saying it was one thing, but the thought of training for one with only have a couple of half marathons and 2 years of yo-yo running under my belt, that was another story all together!

I started researching where I would like my 1st marathon to be and that’s when I came across the Lazy Runner website…..I loved what I read…learning to run a marathon the lazy way sounded great.  Did that mean I could just sit on the couch eat chocolate and just get fit by magic? NO! Absolutely not!  I signed up with Marie about 18 weeks out from the 2013 Gold Coast Marathon. It was definitely the best decision I could have made. Sure there is a plethora of information on the website about running your first marathon but having a personal relationship, albeit online, made a huge difference. I was actually excited to receive my weekly program from Marie, loved the tips and encouragement she gave along the way. It was as though she was training along with me at some points, pushing me to keep going.

What I loved most about Marie’s training was that there was never a sense of panic (from her anyway), I never felt like I HAD to do something or I would fail.  I tripped up once along my marathon training and thankfully I had Marie to guide me back on track.  

I finished my 1st marathon in 4 hours and 6 minutes. If it weren’t for Marie I probably wouldn’t have even made it to the start line.  Now I can’t wait for the next….and I’ll be once again filling up Marie’s mailbox. Thank you! Laura, Woodend Vic


Online coaching has really worked for me.  Before training with Marie, I was running three times per week and didn't seem to improve at all.  Marie's weekly emails were tailored to my abilities, but also really pushed me.  With her program I saw a fantastic improvement in only 10 weeks. I ran the Bridges 10km in 54 mins and a few weeks later the Challenge 10km in 53:25 mins.  My previous best before training with Marie had been 58mins for 10km.  Online training is a great option for busy people who can't make running clubs at set times.  I also really liked having an individualised program. Every week I gave Marie a run down on my runs and how I was feeling, she would then give me a program for the next week.  She is clearly an experienced runner herself and knows how to train others.  I enjoyed the whole experience so much that now I am gearing up for a half-marathon!

Beck, Perth Australia
"I found the Lazy Runner online coaching program when I was looking to get fit and lose weight after my first baby.  I have always loved running and wanted to be a "Yummy Mummy" and a healthy role model for my family.  I found the program to be very easy to understand, a challenge when I needed it and a commonsense approach to losing weight and getting fit.  Marie catered for me as an individual and I appreciated her personal touch.  I'd recommend the online programs to Mums wanting to have some me time, regain some fitness and I found it a great stress reliever."
Sarah, NT

I came across Lazy Runner the lazy way (google) and the concept appealed immediately. In the past I had only run on a treadmill, long before my son was born and my priority was to be able to keep up with him. I thought 5km would be a good start, but with Marie's fantastic online coaching it became clear that I was going to be able to achieve even more in 10 weeks. I found Marie's approach of setting three different types of runs every week really motivating, and completing them was more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. I can now run 10km and owe it all to Marie's ongoing support and advice. Furthermore, I can also recommend Marie's book Lazy Runner and will be using it to help train for my first fun run. Thank you again, Marie, you'll be hearing from me again soon.
Susannah, Hobart
I first found 'Lazy Runner' through a standard google search and due to my lifestyle of working away in remote areas and travelling a lot I found the idea of online coaching appealing as I wouldn't then miss classes I had paid for like some other coaching clinics. Marie immediately made me feel ok that I had never run further than to catch a bus and after we had established my base line fitness and background I was off on my first couple of runs. It wasn't pretty at the start and I definitely wasn't breaking any land speed records but with the encouragement of Marie and the being held accountable to report on my progress I was soon picking up the pace and the distances. I grew to enjoy my weekly reports and receiving a prompt reply with some helpful advice and my new weekly challenge which I could then schedule in depending on where I was that week. I soon discovered that it didn't matter that there was no park near by or a gym with a treadmill as there was always somewhere to run if you don't let the excuses get in the way and thanks to just sticking with the program I now call myself a runner. I never thought it possible just a few months ago but in addition to the running I now lead a happier and overall healthier lifestyle and think anything is possible including a half marathon or dare I say it -  a full one!
Anna (Perth)
Anna successfully completed a Tough Mudder in Sydney Sept 2012


"I successfully completed 10 weeks of online training with Marie from Lazy Runner to prepare for my first 21km. I found Marie fantastic, a wealth of knowledge and I found the training perfect to fit into my busy life with kids. I first answered some questions and did a time trial so Marie could assess my fitness, from this information a training program was created that I could mould into my week. At the end of each week I enjoyed reporting back to Marie in an email of my sessions, how I went and any little problems that may have occurred. The online training wasn't just a matter of being emailed a program, it included answers to any questions each week, tips, nutrition and hydration information, pain management and advice. Marie also had tips for race day. I would happily recommend the Lazy Runner online coaching to anyone who isn't able to join a running club and thinking of training."
Helen (Sunshine Coast)
Helen successfully completed her first Half Marathon on the Gold Coast, July 2012


"Before I started online training with Marie, the longest distance I had ever run was 14km (city to surf). Marie trained me for my first half marathon - gearing me up consistently over a few months, giving me tips along the way and changing my program weekly to match how I was going. For me, the biggest benefit from having a trainer, was simply that I had to be 'accountable' to someone (Marie) as she asked me to email back at the end of each week to answer questions on how I went with my running goals for the week. For me that 'accountability' was all that I needed ensure that I was running 3 times a week - even in crazily busy times, I'd think "I can't skip that run coz I'll have to explain to marie why!". Marie is very reliable and quick with email replies, which is important when you're busy and need to plan your next training week and also if you need advice on how to make last minute changes to the program.

I just ran my first half marathon a few days ago and although I started off with the goal of just 'finishing' it, once i was pretty confident that wasn't going to be an issue I ended up setting a time goal, and then on race day ended up running 14mins faster than my goal of 2 hours! I also distinctly remember the feeling I had on the day when I went for my first training run longer than 14km and the realisation that on that day it was the longest I had ever run in my life!! All in all, online training with Marie is such a cost-effective way of training - I can achieve the same goals as i would with a face-to-face personal trainer, for the price of a couple of coffees a week!"
Monique, Sydney
Monique was online coached for her first Half Marathon in Sydney, May 2012

“When I first contacted Marie, I had run 5km only a couple of times and had a base probably closer to 3km. At age 55, the thought of running even 10k was almost unbelievable, but I was inspired by her statement that "Everyone can run and that all runners can run a marathon", and so I dared to dream of running a half Marathon. Marie put me on a tried and tested 3 day per week program, combining speed (interval, tempo) work with a gradual increase in distance, with inbuilt flexibility based on how I was doing each week. Within weeks, I was running longer and faster, and saw my 5k and later my 10k times start to plummet. Along the way, Marie advised me on everything from posture and stride, biomechanics, lifting pace by percentages and recovery running, nutrition, carb loading, hydration, stretches and much more. We even managed to fit in two races (10k and 14k) along the way. Half Marathon Race day came around and I ran over the finish line, 2hrs and 3mins later with a smile on my face and pride in my heart that will last a very long time. Many thanks Marie for your coaching, friendly support and encouragement, plus expert advice. That was the best money I’ve spent in years”.
Kevin- Melbourne
Kevin was online coached for Geelong Half Marathon, 2012

"Never imagined I would run my first full marathon at 60 yrs, that was before I found Marie and Lazy Runner. LR created a program that suited my experience and kept me motivated and improving my endurance including speed work. Overall I gained confidence from the personalized coaching specific to me, expertise advise on my running technique, diet, hydration etc. Marie's passion for running and enjoyment in coaching me to achieve my goal came through with our weekly 'one on one' communication sessions. With the help of LR, I became stronger both physically and mentally and running distances that I never imagined I would ever run. Recommend 'Lazy Runner On Line' coaching for experienced runners wanting to increase their potential, runners who want to take the next step to 5kms, 10kms, half or full marathon and the beginner runner. Many thanks Marie for coaching me to complete my first full marathon, could not have done it without you'.
Helen- Colac
Helen was onlined coached for her first marathon, the Cadbury Marathon in Hobart 2012

'I read an article about Marie in the Courier Mail. I liked her attitude to her sport, and was intrigued with how much running she had done without injury. When I saw she offered an on - line program I jumped at the chance. It gave me the opportunity to be advised by an expert but gave me complete flexibility. I've tried and failed many time over the last twenty years to start running again, it is so brilliant for fitness - mental , physical and spiritual.Now , after working with Marie , I can run 5ks pretty comfortably.I sleep better, I feel better, nothing succeeds like success, the whole experience has given me a huge boost.I am also quite certain the reason I made it this time was because of Marie's support and guidance'
Phillipa was online coached on the Lazy Runner Beginner program to run 5km




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