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Get the Original Lazy Runner and Lazy Loser to come along to your workplace, club, shop, gym or special event.

With a 2 year Australian, UK and New Zealand Tour under her belt in 2013/2014, Marie Bean has spoken at over 200 events- including Libraries, Work Conferences, Sporting Events, Work Places, Sports Shops, Gym and Fitness Centres- with the reviews all being the same theme 

"We loved your fresh, funny, down to earth approach- cant wait to get you back again next year"

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Marie can travel to talks, workshops and conferences in all Australian cities-
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Marie Can Speak on any health or fitness topic that you think may interest your group

Example Topics- For Lazy Loser
1-What type of Loser are You? 
Everyone in the audience has fun finding out what their 'food temptations' are and get some great tips on how to deal with them
2. Super Snacking- Find out what classifies as a snack!
3. No Food is Bad- its all good- find out how you can have it all!
4. How fit are you? How fit would you like to be? Often we have no idea how to answer either of these questions
5. How fat are you? Find out if you really are overweight-We are all different. Learn some myths about the obesity scare tactics out there.

All the above are light-hearted, down to earth and non scientific- just good basic tips and facts interspersed with lots of laughs

Example Topics- For Lazy Runner
1. Is Running bad for you? No
2. Can everyone run- yes they can and I can show you how
3. Running for Beginners
4. Nutrition for Runners
5. Training for an event the Lazy Way
6. "Run Right" Workshop

All of the above suits all levels of runners- from beginners to ultra marathoners and everyone in between

Example Topics for Marie Bean- Founder of Lazy Runner clubs, books and business
1. Running a marathon on every continent- 6 down, one to go the Biggie -Antarctica
2. How I have run 25 years without an injury- that includes ultra marathons in my 50's
3. What motivates me to run
4. Turning my passion into a business

These talks cover the things that push me in life and motivate me to be a better, fitter and healthier person- something that I love to share with others

Motivational Speaking Costs
Free- based on sale of at least 10 books on day of talk by audience members
$200 per talk (45mins- 60 mins)- No Book Sales
$400 per outdoor fitness or running workshop- No Book Sales 
Free- Organiser buys 10 books @ $25 RRP for spot prizes, giveaways or to sell to members

Reviews on Lazy Loser and Lazy Runner Talks and Workshops

“Marie’s presentation at my fitness club was fabulous, we can’t wait for her to come back again.  Marie connected with each person in the group and was so friendly and down to earth.  She gave us some simple tips on how to improve our running.  They were easy to implement and really do make a huge difference.  From a business perspective, I was so impressed with how Marie was able to promote the use of my health and fitness club to the audience and referred to me and my team as people who could assist the runners with improving their performance.”
Michelle; Club Manager; Solutions Health and Fitness Club, Mackay

Thanks heaps for your massive contribution to our conference weekend, our franchisees just loved the running workshop on the last day.
We have already had some great feedback with the catch phrase "What would the Kenyans do?" being thrown around
The Kiwis are going to love you
Mark Welham- Aussie Pooch

Thank you so much Marie for the running workshop that you recently ran for my Bootcamp.  Everyone really enjoyed learning more about how to improve their running technique.  The information you also gave regarding the key stretches were fantastic.  We have all been coaching each other since with the key points you gave us.  For me personally, just improving my technique has seen an improvement in my shin splints. 

A big thank you Marie for your visit to the Kingaroy Library yesterday morning to talk about your 'Lazy' books. Everyone loved your talk as it contained a wealth of information about how to improve our health.
A great time was had by all with a lot of giggles and excellent health tips, thanks again Marie!
Danielle, Kingaroy Library

It was well worth the trip to Miranda Library to hear Marie speak on running for fitness and sensible eating as opposed to dieting. My joy for running was rekindled and my love of food was affirmed. No need to diet, just eat sensibly. Marie is passionate about her subjects, and seduces the listeners into her passions.
Ken Silvester

Hi Marie-Just wanted to let you know that I haven't let your book out of my sight since I got it, going back to it every few days for more running knowledge. Since following your posture and correct training tips, I am now running 5k injury free (I had a torn calf when I met you and hadn't been able to run 3k!), I have taken 3 mins off my Qld Park Run PB for the last 2 weeks in a row, and have been extending my runs by 10% each week. A very sincere THANK YOU!!!!
Sharon, Run Right Session, Gladstone HUB Fitness Centre

'Marie bean- a very very big thank you. I attended your workshop at our Gold Coast conference - it was the best thing I have done in Forever... Changing the way I run means my ass is really sore but I'm finding it so much more enjoyable ( not to mention less exhausting) I tested hips forward, head up, arms resting, shoulders down style out on Sunday in the rain.., felt good.. Can't say I enjoyed being soggy thought it might have been a fluke / happy run day. Did another 10km tonight and still bloody loving it.... I didn't want to stop (usually im asking how much further to my training buddy) today I asked her can we do another lap (4km) as I felt so very good... If she hadnt reminded me that we can't overdo it... I would have thoroughly enjoyed keeping going. I think I had a run_gasm! So thank you once again....

It was a privilege to meet you on Saturday at the Running Workshop – you have revolutionised the way I run – I read the posture chapter of Lazy Runner as soon as I got home and have run 10km in the last two days! Unheard of for me – but I am thoroughly enjoying running again – running with purpose and certainty!
Nikki- Member of Jack Jones Fitness

Marie is a really interesting speaker, she has an enthusiastic and friendly manner and had lots of useful advice.
The library audience had a lot of fun and learned something about themselves.
Tina-Moreton Bay Libraries

We had a great night on Tuesday, so thank you very much for the visit.
Everyone provided positive feedback & I will collate the comments and forward them on to you.
Thanks again for a fun, yet informative presentation.
Judy- Coffs Harbour Library

Thanks again for the talk at Thirroul last night. It was a good approach to have attendees actively involved in the session – very practical & worthwhile. Good luck with the road tour,
Helen- Thirroul Library

I was expecting to be judged and feel guilty, but it was a lot of fun and very interesting
Sue- Guest at Redcliffe Library Talk

Thank you again for a great session yesterday. The feedback we are receiving has been really positive and hopefully everyone is taking your tips on board!
Katherine- Ballarat Library

Now that your presentations have come to an end, we would like to thank you for your generous donation of time and energy.  It is people like you that make a real difference to our community. We have had very positive reviews on your nine Sunshine Coast library talks and we would love to have you on board again for 2014.
Rhiannon – Sunshine Coast Libraries

It was lovely to have you here; the positive comments and feedback are still filtering in.   They found your ‘no-fuss’ approach very refreshing and enjoyed the talk immensely.
Rosemary – Muswellbrook Library

We wish you all the best with your book tour and would like to say a huge thank you for the workshop last Saturday, all of our clients loved it and we have had some great feedback!
We would love to have you back upon your return to Queensland so please touch base in the new year and we can look at scheduling another workshop.
Once again thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm!
Abi- Pure Health Clubs- Brisbane

Thank you for the event at Reservoir Library last night. Our attendees really enjoyed your practical advice. We would love to host another event or yours in the future, so please let us know when you are touring again.
Sue- Reservoir Library




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