Lazy Runner Hydra Pouch


Run Cup and Hands Free With
The Lazy Runner Hydra Pouch

*Get your drink into you, not all over you

*Eliminate carrying drinks on long runs

*Clips onto your shorts, you dont even
know its there

*No More sticking your head under a tap

*No More using your hands as a cup

* No More getting water up your nose!

*And you can run and drink with the
Lazy Runner Hydra Pouch

Only $12- Reusable and Lasts Forever
Just throw in Dishwasher ready for your
Next Run

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  • •   Ergonomic design – fits comfortably in hands of any size.
  • •   Universal carry clip – hooks easily to shorts, tights, number belts, hydration belts, etc.
  • •   Use with either hand – use with your left or right hand, or use one in each hand!
  • •   See-through construction – see your beverage through the sides of the HydraPouch.
  • •   Splash resistant – patent-pending closure resists spilling.
  • •   One-hand operation – open, fill, close, and drink from the HydraPouch with just one hand.
  • •   Intuitive opening – squeeze the ends together and it opens, release and it closes.
  • •   Optimum fluid volume – 170mls. Quenches your thirst, and easy to carry.
  • •   Incredibly light – weighs just over one ounce empty.
  • •   Easy to clean – dishwasher safe, with a carry clip that is easy to remove and reinstall.





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