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“There is no magic bullet to weight-loss. I wish there was and that it came coated in chocolate, but alas, there is not.” 

“Lazy Loser” challenges what we’re constantly told about diets, food, exercise, and obesity by asking (and answering) the big questions: How fat are we really? How fit should we be? Do we have to exercise? Are counting calories and reading food labels necessary? and many more.

Read this book if you want to:

  • Find out why you’re putting on weight and how to stop
  • Learn to stop feeling guilty about your weight
  • Get fit your way: the Lazy way
  • Stop being confused about food and fitness claims
  • Discover that no food is bad and it’s your choice of what to eat
  • Get tips on how to eat and move without overhauling everything in your life
  • Never go on another diet
  • Find the right fitness activity for you (and actually enjoy it)
  • Learn some insider tips on food and fitness
  • Become a Lazy Loser


 Revolutionary Book Urges Australians to Adopt 'Lazy Loser' Way to Weight Loss

Release Date: 1st September 2013

Australian weight-loss myth buster Marie Bean is set to launch 'Lazy Loser', a revolutionary book that encourages readers to slim down by avoiding dieting and to get fit the “lazy way”.

Packed with humour and insider tips based on years of experience, the entertaining book explodes the many assumptions shrouding the food, dieting, fitness and weight loss world. 'Lazy Loser' will be launched in book stores and on an Australia wide book tour on September 1.

"Diets are only ever successful when we're on them,” says Marie. “Once we're off them, we put the weight straight back on, so it stands to reason that weight gain is caused by factors during the non-dieting phase of our life.”

 'Lazy Loser' examines what these factors might be. So it's for folks who never want to go on another diet in their life! It's also for those who feel guilty and stressed about what and how much they eat, but who'd like to stop putting on weight by eating and moving differently without overhauling everything in their life – if only they knew how.”

 Marie said thanks to Australia's trend towards a 'buy-one-get-one-free' and ‘upsizing’ food culture, people were gradually putting on more weight. At the same time, they were being bamboozled by the confusing mass of information from the food and nutrition industry.

She said people needed only to make minor lifestyle tweaks to get radically positive results.

“We don't wake up one day overweight or obese. We are getting fatter slowly. That doesn't mean the way we're eating or exercising is wrong or bad. In fact, about 70 per cent of what we're doing is probably fine,” she said.

“Being a 'lazy loser' is about getting a handle on our one or two weaknesses that are causing mayhem to our weight. We need to ask ourselves the big questions about why we're either putting on the kilos or not managing to lose them.”

When it comes to eating and drinking-- most people fall into five temptation categories- ‘Lazy Loser’ labels them as – Piggy, Sweet, Super, Moo and Tipsy! The book encourages readers to find out what their temptation category is and then helps with tips and advice on how to break or curb their eating and drinking weaknesses.

Marie said 'Lazy Loser' would help countless Australians rediscover their enjoyment of eating by realising that “no food is bad”, conquer their addiction to chocolate, and enjoy getting fit. She also challenges modern day health claims by asking and answering the big questions- “How fat are we really?’, ‘Do we have to exercise?’’ and “Is counting calories and reading food labels necessary? ‘

Marie will embark on an Australia-wide promotional book tour this September. The tour will include talks and health, fitness and weight loss workshops.

Marie Bean is a health and fitness consultant who loves nothing more than to bust myths about the industry she's so passionate about. Her first book, 'Lazy Runner', draws on her 25 years' experience as an injury-free marathon runner. She is also a running coach and founder of the successful Lazy Runner clubs across Australia. Marie has recently finished a six month tour of Australia and the UK, where she promoted Lazy Runner- conducting workshops and book talks- the book was very well received and the running workshops were sell outs- she plans to adapt the same approach to the promotion of her new book ‘Lazy Loser’.

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Marie Bean is the successful author of “Lazy Runner”, and has now created a way to get your weight and fitness on track — and once again, it’s the Lazy way! After many years of working in the health and fitness industry, Marie has seen and heard so much nonsense and confusion associated with food, healthy eating, fitness, and weight loss that she decided to throw her hat into the ring; “Lazy Loser” is that hat. Marie created Lazy Loser to help people who are concerned about their health and weight; want to lose weight, get fitter, and live healthy for life — without ever having to diet.




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