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Lazy Runner offers online coaching to people of all running levels; from non runners wanting to learn how to run to marathon runners training for their next big event, and everything in between.


The Lazy Runner online training programs are personalised to your needs and not just a one size fits all running program.



·        You will start by answering a personal questionnaire based on your current health and fitness levels, past experiences with running and fitness programs, your work and personal timetable and your goals


·        You will have email contact and telephone back up with your trainer weekly


·        Your program will be based on the level of fitness you are at right now


·        You will be required to give feedback weekly and your following weeks program will be based on that feedback


·        Your program will be based on the goals you set and each week those goals will be monitored and reset if necessary


·        Your program will also include tips on running, diet, injury and any other aspect of your fitness that you would like included

·        Lazy Runner running programs can be from 10 weeks (beginners) to six months (marathon program)

  Non Runner to Runner Program
You can learn to just need a good, easy to follow program and some training. The Lazy Runner beginner program is very successful...many non runners have become runners just be following it's simple method. Even if you haven't run a step in you life, even if your fitness levels are rock bottom, you can learn to run on this program. It involves an easy to follow diary, unlimited email contact and advice on running and learning to run.
Follow this 10 week program and you will be running 5km by the end
Cost- 10 Week Program- $100 To find out more about Beginner Programs..
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NB:Health check with your doctor is advisable before commencing running
  10km Program
This is an individual program designed for your running ability and fitness levels. All runners are required to fill out a questionnaire asking about their current running skills and to list the goals they wish to reach in a 10km race or fun run i.e. to finish, to achieve a PB
The program includes endurance, strength and speed sessions, that are well explained and easy to include into your training regime
The program is geared towards the event you select. Program also includes unlimited email contact, with personalized motivation techniques, tips and continual monitoring of your progress.
Cost-10 week - Program $100
  Speed Program
Do you want to run faster? Running faster isn't just a matter of getting out there and putting on speed, it requires training. Systematic running coaching in speed work is the most effective way to run faster and achieve PB's
The Lazy Runner speed program offers many different sessions all designed to increase your speed over all distances. This program incorporates tempo training, pace training, interval training, speed work and a variety of drill work to introduce speed and power into your running. You will set your goal time and the speed program will be personalised for you to reach that goal.
Read more about the Speed Program
Cost 10 week Program $100
  Half Marathon and Marathon Programs
Is 2010 the year you are going to do something incredible? run a half marathon or go all the way with the big one..the marathon! The Lazy Runner Half and Full Marathon programs are believable and achievable. Lazy Runner believes everyone can run and that all runners can run a that includes you. The Lazy Runner half and full marathon program includes all aspects of marathon running and will guide you from week one to race day, safely and effectively. So why not pick your race now, or Lazy Runner can advise you on the best half marathon or marathon for you... and start training
Read More on Marathon Programs
Programs range from 3-6 months
Half Marathon Program $200
Full Marathon Program $300

Darren and Cath
 Lazy Losers

Lazy Loser
Lazy Loser is not a diet. It is an honest assessment of your eating patterns, your lifestyle and your choice of foods, with the outcome being adjustments implemented so you can lose weight and become fitter. You will be required to honestly supply a diary of your current eating patterns and then once that is assessed and adapted you will be required to make small changes that will result in weightloss but not deprivation or starvation! Lazy Loser works very well in conjuction with the other running programs to ensure a healthy and balanced eating and exercise program. More about Lazy Loser
Lazy Loser has been very successful, you can read some stories here
10 week Program- $100
10 week Lazy Loser combined with 10 week learn to run program $160
Online Running Coaching
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