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Lazy Loser is not just another diet and exercise program. It is a way of changing your lifestyle to allow you to become fitter and healthier .....and often what follows on from that is weight loss and body fat reduction

Losing weight is a simple process...yes simple!! If you eat too much and do not burn off the excess in daily activity..then you gain weight. There is no magical mystery, too much intake and not enough output = fat.

Imagine your weight to be a set of old fashioned scales, use your hands to be the scales. Your right hand holds all the food you consume in a day and your left hand holds all the energy you burn in a day from activity. If your food intake is too much and your daily activity is too slow then you will find your right hand slowly dropping towards the floor and your left hand heading for the sky..in short you are gaining weight.

Therefore, you can easily change this around..take a little out of the right hand, for instance take one thing out of your diet..hopefully something that's unhealthy..don't make drastic dietary changes, like packaged meals and dietry drink supplements..just take out one thing that you know causes you to gain weight. Then on the left side add one thing in, it may be adding 15 mins to your 30 minutes morning walk, it may be walking to work. OK now see what you have done, something has left the right hand and something has been added to the left, so it stands to reason that the balancing process has started.


Lazy Loser uses this simple formula to improve fitness levels and initiate weightloss.

The Lazy Loser Online Program is a great way to change your eating patterns without having to go to a weight loss centre, buy expensive diet supplements and weigh in publicly.

Step 1- Stop the Rot
How much weight have you gained since your 21st? Your Wedding? Your last child?
The average person gains an average of half a kilo per year, not much you say but add that up over 10 or 20 years and the end result is- weight gain. The weight went on slowly and it went on simply because the balance between the "energy in and energy out" is out of kilter. Now that doesn't mean you need to throw out all the food in your fridge and pantry and go on a strict diet, you just need to say "Ok, Something is out of balance, what is it? and how can I change it?"

Step 2- Write a Diary of everything you eat and drink in a week, and I mean everything? Also a diary of all the exercise or energy you expend over your week

Step 3- Join up online Lazy Loser. Have your diaries assessed and adapted to get the "energy in and energy out" balance right. Lazy Loser will set up a system that adapts what your are eating and drinking. Each week you will get a new eating and exercise plan that is adapted to suit your week and it will also be based on how you went with your plan the previous week. For instance, you didn't like some of the food on week one, that will be removed and new choices put in. The Lazy Loser Plan will continue to be adpated until you reach your weightloss and fitness goals. The end result being something you can live with for life and maintain your healthy weight..meaning never having to diet again

Lazy Loser Online will be based on you..your eating patterns, your lifestyle, your work, your timetable, your likes and dislikes...so it is not a one size fits all weightloss program.

Laser Loser Online offers email and phone support at anytime

Lazy loser can also be combined with a Lazy Runner online program

10 Week Lazy Loser Online = $100

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