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You don’t get faster just by trying to run your long distances faster; it just doesn’t work that way. You may say "Ok I’m going to run faster today on my long run", off you go at break neck speed, then you get a bit buggered and you slow up a bit then you realise how slow you are running and you take off again, and then you are so tired you have to walk…get my may even find you run slower doing this and break your running rhythm as well.

There are some little things you can do and think about when you are running, to get you running a little faster.
Speed techniques are not too complicated but they are very specific, to your running, your current speed and your target speed.

That's why a speed program specific to your running and running times is essential to get you running faster. Some runners love speed work, and some runners hate it! Often distance runners have trouble with working on their speed as they get in their comfort zone on their long runs and just prefer to stay there.

Adding speed to your running is great in many ways. It gives you greater cardio fitness, burns more calories, provides some fun and variety to running(which as we know can be a boring sport at times!), and it also provides you with challenges and motivation to improve your time at your next race.

Over years of working with runners and using myself as a guinea pig, I have created some really effective techniques to increase runners speed. The online speed program incorporates all these techniques to ensure that you can increase your speed at a safe rate and work towards your perfect race time. The program is easy to follow and can be incorporated into your regular running routine.

Your Online Speed training program involves

·        You will start by answering a personal questionnaire based on your current health and fitness levels, past experiences with running and fitness programs, your work and personal timetable and your goals. Your current running times and your target running times


·        You will have email contact and telephone back up with your trainer weekly


·        Your program will be based on the level of fitness and the times you are running at right now


·        You will be required to give feedback weekly and your following weeks program will be based on that feedback


·        Your program will be based on the race you select for yourself, and the program will count down until that date. Each week you will monitored to see how you are improving and you will required to do some timing tests along the way, to keep you on track with your goal time


·        Your program will also include tips on running, diet, injury and any other aspect of your fitness that you would like included

Cost- 10 weeks for $100



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