Other Lazy Runner Coaching
   If your club has this icon it means it offers these programs


-Not A Lazy Runner
-Cannot Join into a Lazy Runner Program
-Prefer Personal Running Training
-Would like to run with a small group (family, friends, work mates)
-Want to train for a specific event
-Would like to learn to run

If any of these apply to you...Lazy Runner has many other training options that suit your lifestyle or fitness and running levels

Personal Running Coaching
If you want one on one running training then ask your club about booking these sessions.
-You may want to have an individual program specially designed to your needs
-You may want to learn to run first before your join in a running club.
-You may want to learn how to run faster to crack a race PB
-You may need some running strength training
-Or you may just want to run with a trainer so they can assess your running and give you some important tips on running to help you improve
Whatever reason, you can opt to have personal running coaching- enquire at your club now

Small Group Training
Get a small group of like minded friends, family or work mates together and book in some small intensive running training sessions. These sessions can run from one hour to 2 hours. They include running coaching sessions, personalised ongoing running program (for the days you are not with the trainer) and tips and advice on your running style.
You can book a session weekly, or fortnightly or even monthly. Between sessions you can opt to get follow up advice and training via email, just to keep you on track and motivated
$100 for an hour (2-6 people)
$180 for two hours (2-6 people)

Individual Learn to Run
Have you always wanted to run and have tried and failed? Would you rather learn to run first before you join in a group? Maybe you need to start a Learn to Run program with Lazy Runner.
A learn to run program will be specifically designed for the level you are at. You will run with the trainer, with the aim of increasing your cardio fitness and running distances weekly. A program for the days you are not with your trainer will help you get running and stay motivated. All sessions will include training, advice and tips on your individual running style and posture, and continual email support will be available.
$80 for an hour (1-3 people)

Lazy Boots Sessions
Would you, your friends, family or work mates like to give your fitness a big kick start. Lazy Boots is a fantastic way to improve your running and fitness. Lazy Boots is a running Boot Camp. All components of the group Lazy Runner programs are combined to create an intensive, fun, running workout.
Lazy Boots runs for 2.5 hours, it includes fruit and drinks and is ideal for 10 or more people
$200 per Lazy Boots sessions (2.5 hours)




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