The Lazy Runner Book 




'Everyone Can Run,
Every Runner Can Run A Marathon'
‘Running is simple, it’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other’ says Australia’s greatest runner, Robert de Castella ... and Deek is right, so how do you get a 300+ page book out of something so basic? 

Marie Bean is the original Lazy Runner; she has been a runner for 25 years and has coached runners for the past seven years. As a running coach she has answered countless questions from runners across Australia and the world ... she threw her hands in the air and thought that’s it ... ’I need to write a book on how to run the Lazy Runner way’.

 Read this Lazy Runner Handbook if you want to ...
  • Discover why running is the best activity you can do for your fitness and health
  • Learn how to run
  • Know the right way to run
  • Run injury and pain free
  • Find out what muscles runners use and how to look after them
  • Train for a fun run, or the ultimate – a marathon
  • Learn the best way to fuel your runner’s body
  • Know why shoes are a runner’s Holy Grail and how to get the right ones for you
  • Discover how to get through the mental running road blocks
  • Have a good laugh at the Funny Running Shorts
  • Learn the insider tricks and tips on running
  • Fuel the running nerd in you by reading the Lazy Stats on running


  Marie has run 11 marathons, and too many to count half marathons and fun runs ... and last year at the age of 49 she stepped into the crazy world of Ultra Marathon running! But her biggest claim to fame is that she has done all of these events, not to mention the thousands of hours of training ... without a single injury ... not one in 25 years. How can that be you ask? Marie is a Lazy Runner – she runs for fun, fitness and enjoyment and pain and injury don’t fit into the equation. Marie shares everything she knows about running and all her little tricks of the trade in the Lazy Runner Book ... ENJOY!

Check out What's inside the Lazy Runner Book


Foreword- Robert de Castella


1.Why Run?
Why I run and why you should too
*Is running bad for you? *Running myths *The benefits of running

2 . Lazy Beginners
Everything you need to know about starting out and becoming a runner

3. Run Right
There is a right and wrong way to run, try the Lazy Runner Posture Checklist

4. Training the Lazy Way
There’s a lot more to running than you think
* Strike rates *Splits *Cross Country Running* Deep Water Running,* Treadmill Running
* Hill Running

5. Getting Faster
Tips on how to improve your run times 
*VO2max *Sprint Work * Tempo Training *Interval Training *Fartlek *Heart rate Training *Lactate Threshold * Race pace *Improving 10km Times * Lazy Runner Big Finish

6. Runner's Muscles
A guide to the muscles you use when running, some you know too well, and others you may not be aware of; and the stretches to accompany them
*Hamstrings *Quadriceps * Gastrocnemius * Soleus * Psoas * Piriformis *Hip Flexors *ITB 
* Gluteus Major *Stretching *Warm Ups * Cool down

7. The Odd Injury
Not what you want to hear, but remember these are only potential injuries!
*Achilles Tendonitis* ITB Syndrome *Stress Fractures* Piriformis Syndrome* Plantar Fasciitis *Runners Knee* Sprains * Strains * Shin Splints *Hip Bursitis 
* Injury Prevention *Injury Treatment
8. The Odd Problem
All common to runners and treatable 
*Black Toenails *Cramps *Stitches *Runners Trots *Blisters * Chaffing * Dehydration * Heat Stress

9. Nutrition for Runners
Diet and hydration specifically for runners 
*Carbohydrates for Runners * Protein for Runners * Fats for Runners *Supplement* Caffeine *When to eat *Hydration *Double Up Drinks Day*Energy before Long Runs* Carb Loading

10. Lazy Training Programs
How to prepare for, train and run an event the Lazy Way
*10km* Half Marathon* Marathon * Race Times * Energy for Distance Runners *Race Preparation and Race Day* Race Recovery

11. A whole chapter on shoes and feet!
*Pronators * Supinators * Arches * Right Shoe for You * When are your shoes dead?  *Wearing them in *Orthotics

12. Mental Running
Running is 90% mental, learn how to work it!
* Running Discipline * Motivation *Hypnosis for Runners

13. Other Random things about running
Things you always wanted to know about running but were too afraid to ask!
*Running Deaths! * Men V. Women * Running in Pregnancy* Smelly Running Gear 
*Why Join a Running Group *Runners Bodies

14. Lazy Runner Originals
Learn my tricks of the trade

15. 100 Mini Running Tips
Too Lazy to read the book, then come here!




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