Running For Beginners



-Don't go out too fast-start off running slowly, the slower the better. Most beginners go out too fast and then die too quick.

-Don't stop the first time you feel like stopping- pick a landmark(tree, road, house etc) and run to that,..Don't stop the second time you feel like stopping...sort out your breathing and find another landmark to run to... stop and walk the third time you want to stop...This system helps you to push further and run further...if you always stop the first time you want to you will never extend your running times

-Don't walk too far- when you feel you can't keep running, start to walk, but only walk for one minute (or if you havent got a watch on, 100 steps)then run again. Never walk for more time than you run. If you walk for longer than a minute you will lose all that great cardio build up you did in the run section. You will never run the distance you want to run if you walk too much on you run. One minute is plenty of time to get your breath back

-You will not run out of breath!-not will keep breathing. If you feel you are losing your breath try blowing all the air out of your lungs in long slow exhales(X3) then start breathing normally again, don't stop running whilst you do this. A lot of the time the running out of breath feeling is just panic-use diversional techniques to get past this

-Don't focus on your breathing- it's going to happen whether you think about it or not, you don't think about breathing when you walk, try to do the same with running. However, if you want to know the ideal breathing technique whilst running is... air in through the nose and out through the mouth

-Start your running on an easy course-don't go out too far or try cross country or beach running or anything that is hard on the legs. Make sure your course is safe and easy

- Map out a 5km easy course in your car, preferable from your house, but if that's not a good running course drive to an area that you would like to run in. It should be 2.5km out, with you coming back the same way. This may sound tedious but two or three times a week run on this course. Each day the focus should be to improve the running part of your run. So start off running for two minutes then walking for one minute (remember you are never allowed to walk for more than one minute) if you find the running for two minutes too hard, drop it back to 90 seconds, it's best to make the running leg more than the walking one. Each day on your own course work on increasing the running. You may want to use landmarks, with each day running beyond each landmark and finding new ones further up the road. When you finish each run, in your head assess how it went..Did you run more than you walked?..if yes,you get  a tick for that...Did you run more than the last time you did the course?..if yes, you get a tick for that...Once you are running the whole 5km up and are a runner!! Then you can be more adventurous and try running in other areas and other courses

-Don't start off running everyday-every second day is enough, this is all new to your body and 48 hours rest in between runs is an ideal time for you body to recover.

-Enjoy it!-don't be looking at the ground or your watch, enjoy your surroundings, look at everything going on around you, try to run where you can see the sea (very calming!), no excuses in Queensland

-Be very aware of your diet and fluid intake-runners low on carbo fuel or fluids can feel very weary and lethargic, make sure you are consuming enough of both

-Run with someone- a friend or partner and of course Lazy Runner, always very motivating and more enjoyable

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