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Lazy Resolutions
I think setting News Years Resolutions are great and I do it every year, however there were many years I never got past the first week of January without ditching the resolution. But over the past few years I've got wiser and have achieved a lot of my resolutions, I've done this by making them realistic and achievable and giving myself plenty of time to reach my goal.

Some of our New Years Resolutions are just too hard..and subsequently they the "I'm going to lose weight and get fit" resolution...we start on some new bewt diet and buy a gym membership and then find we haven't got time, the diet is just too hard and it all goes belly up by February.

Remember you have a whole year to achieve your new year's goal, so take it slow. If you are planning to lose weight in 2012, start with one thing...something in your diet is making you put on stop doing that..just one could be you are drinking too much, cut your alcohol intake to can still drink, just not as much..when you have a handle on that, attack something else in your diet, maybe it's the sugar in your coffee, or the butter on your vegies, take one thing out at a time, will lose weight by the end of the year.

It's the same with your fitness program, don't join a gym and expect to get to 7 sessions a week, that will not last very are still required to work, and be with family and be social, so don't be expecting to be able to add another 10 hours of exercise into the mix, it just won't happen.

If you are running for half an hour three times a week, run for 45mins three times a week, or include one more run into your week, you have just added to your fitness program and you probably wont even notice the difference the extra time takes in your day, and by just doing that, your fitness levels will improve.

If you attend Lazy Runner sessions twice a week, add another session to your week...easy and will notice the results by the end of 2012.

Whats the hurry? It has probably taken you more than a year to gain the excess weight or to become dont think a diet and fitness blitz of a few weeks is going to get you back to your teenage, or pre pregnancy or pre marriage or football playing days that is unrealistic...have a long term plan, and set out some milestones (monthly) just to check you are on track and will have achieved your resolution by the end of 2012.

If you want to run a do have a year, take all the time you will do it. Pick the race you want to enter and start working towards race day.

If you are giving up coffee..DON'T.. sure cut back if you feel you drink too much, have one cup a day or delete a cup once a month from your daily intake..remember you do have a year!

If you are giving up chocolate..DON'T..just cut back..even by one little square a day... it all helps. If you are giving up alcohol...DON' I said before half your intake, instead of two drinks a night, make it can still enjoy a drink. I think there is too much anger and depression in the world without taking coffee, chocolate and grog out as well!!

Goals are fantastic things and there is no better time to set them than with the changing of a year..but goals need to be achievable..set your main goal..but give yourself plenty of time to get to it, so in between set mini goals.They are more achievable and they help you get smoothly to your big goal at the end of the year.

If you have some big exciting running goals, make a plan and get some help
Join a
Lazy Runner Club
Having somewhere to go or people to run with is far more motivating and fun


Or if there is not a club near you get some online coaching
Lazy Runner has online programs for all levels and goals, from fun runs to ultra marathons and everything in between...a program that is personal to you is a great way to stay on track and also to get professional guidance, to make sure you are training safely and correctly





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