Lazy Runner Tours 2019

Lazy Runner Running Tours are a fantastic way for runners to get together with other runners to travel to some great places and run in Half Marathons, Marathons or Fun Runs. Lazy Runner tours are designed to be fun, easy and a safe way to travel to events, run and enjoy the whole experience.

Lazy Runner Tours are open to all levels of running, and not just Lazy Runners, non Lazy Runners from anywhere are invited to join in...non running friends or partners are also welcome on a Lazy Runner Tour.

The Lazy Runner Tours include many extras that other tours do a personalised running program for you to follow before the event, a catered post race party, entry into your event and other extras.

Lazy Runner tours are not just about the running! Shopping, sight seeing, relaxation, dining and entertainment can all be incorporated into the package.

  Your Tour Guide.
Marie Bean is the original Lazy Runner! She has run marathons on 6 continents (7th in the planning!). Marie places emphasis on fun, good training and safety when it comes to  travelling and running! Marie knows so much about running, she has even written a book on the subject and has just completed a 6 month book and running workshop tour of Australia and the UK.Marie (a running coach) can organise your whole package..from your training program, travel arrangements, running tips and most importantly... post run celebrations!

Warwick Pentath 2019  
Warwick Pentath 
Dates: 17th- 19th May 2019
Marathon/Half Marathon
Run or walk




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